Special Feature
November 4, 2005
PM: Get set, get registered!

The election race gathered momentum with a series of activities over the past ten days. Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves moved one step closer to the countdown with a “get set” call last week Thursday. That was on Independence Day at a rally in Colonarie, his birthplace, in the North Central Windward constituency. {{more}}

When the session peaked at early evening, Prime Minister estimated the crowd at 35,000.

He urged listeners to register. “Get set mean get registered. Get your friend to vote Labour.” He appealed to spouses, and mothers and sons to “vote Labour”.

He referred to his Ethiopian trip, completed October 22, and outlined that country’s significance as a sphere of influence. The Prime Minister reiterated to the Rastafarians brethren and sistren the importance of registering.

He mentioned that the concept of Rastafarians not being involved in politics was from “the old book.

“You have to accommodate yourself in politics,” the Prime Minister asserted.

He measured the time from the “On your marks” call at Chateaubelair September 11, to October 27.

He questioned the crowd as to whether they thought he would wait another eight weeks from “get set” to “go.”

But even then, he drove home the message of registering.

“Comrade ready. I don’t know if you ready yet,” the Prime Minister queried.

He stressed the matter of persons getting their Identification cards.

The Unity Labour Party manifesto, T-shirts and “baby chemise” (t-shirts) are soon expected to be released.

He presented his report card for the North Central Windward constituency. Among the items was the acquisition of seven acres of land for Playing field at Park Hill.

Lands have also been secured for the establishment of a housing project at Byera.

The next poll would be Dr. Gonsalves’ seventh contest. He thinks that the number has a special significance and is looking forward to when the ‘two sevens clash.”

That he forecasts as a reason for a perfect result and he envisages that the ULP would win all 15 seats.