Special Feature
November 4, 2005
Nature presented at Campden Park

Last Saturday evening there was definitely a call for Nature, as the New Democratic Party launched their candidate for South Central Leeward, Nigel ‘Nature’ Stevenson, at the Campden Park Playing Field.

Even though the threat of rain lingered overhead, thousands dressed in yellow came in support of Stevenson and the New Democratic Party. {{more}}

Before commencing his address, Stevenson thanked parliamentary representative for South Central Leeward from 1984 to 2001, Jerry Scott.

Stevenson stressed that the NDP intends to govern in the public’s interest.

He made reference to the fact that in the constituency of South Leeward many households had no pipe-borne water. Describing the situation as a constant threat and a breeding ground for mosquitoes to develop, he said that nothing is being done about the situation. “You cannot have a representative that is not concerned about the way of life of people,” Stevenson said. “The people of South Central Leeward do not want a leader without a vision but one that’s proactive.”

Nature didn’t forget to refresh the minds of all present about what the NDP administration had done during their 17-year tenure in office. He pointed out some of the achievements of Jerry Scott among others.

Stevenson said once his party is voted into office, they are going to rectify the situation facing the people of South Central Leeward. The Vermont clinic was also a matter up for discussion. He said the clinic had bats and that there were several complaints of bat droppings and he wondered what the Health Minister is doing about the problem.

Education was not left behind, as Nature said he wants to look out for the best interests of the children and make sure the children are up to the requirements of CXC.

Speaking of employment in South Leeward, Stevenson said that people are not liming on the block because they are lazy or do not have ambition, it is because the Unity Labour Party (ULP) has failed to live up to the responsibility to create employment.

“I will not abandon you, but in order for us to make a change, you must be part of the political process. You have to vote ULP out of office, it is a wicked and vindictive regime.”