Special Feature
October 28, 2005

Opposition Leader questions the list

Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace is questioning the integrity of the electoral list. Speaking at Greggs last Saturday, he said through investigation he has discovered several flaws and again called for a clean voters’ list.

The NDP party leader said he wrote of his concern to the Supervisor of Election Rodney Adams on October 19. He claimed that he has so far discovered 425 names of persons who were deceased and whose names still appeared on the list. He further explained that 1,560 persons were still on the list although they had been overseas for more than five years. {{more}}

The names of three hundred and six persons in West St. George and the Southern Grenadines appeared on the list but no one from those areas seemed to know who these individuals were.

Eustace pointed out that he made an early request to have observers in the country, but this was now being turned down by the Commonwealth who have replied in writing that all their observers are in other countries covering elections. The NDP leader felt this was a heavy blow to free and fair elections.

Meanwhile, the peeved Opposition leader chastised Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for demanding answers to five questions before he returned from his trip to Ethiopia.

He chided, “Gonsalves, you are out of your place, you are out of your place telling the NDP when and whose questions they should answer. Don’t try that! Don’t try that! We are a party of peace; don’t try to rile us up. I will remind you when we go to parliament again, you are out of your place.”

Eustace, accused the government of being corrupt and of using taxpayers money to campaign every time they opened a project rather than their own party funds.