NDP hopefuls seeing ‘Horne for Dem’
Special Feature
October 28, 2005

NDP hopefuls seeing ‘Horne for Dem’

On Saturday, October 22, at the Greggs Playing Field, riding on the theme “South Central Windward Moving on with Brereton Horne,” the New Democratic Party’s NDP candidate for that constituency was accepted with a show of overwhelming support by party followers.

Decked in a yellow graduation gown and blue cap the eloquent speaker agreed with claims by the Unity Labour Party, ULP, leader, Dr.Ralph Gonsalves that he was parachuted to the country. {{more}}He explained that the device was used as a lifesaver in times of danger and he accepted the way in which he was described as being introduced into the political arena.

He stressed that he was in touch with what was happening on the ground unlike his rival Selman Walters. He chided, “There is no fairness in employment, the country is totally divided.”

He noted that the ULP has preached about the “Together Now” concept but they don’t practise it and instead fill the people’s minds with hatred.

He complained of the appalling roads in South Central Windward and stated that road repair is a basic function of government and not an election tool.

He noted that he was proud to be “part of a team” that will revive agriculture. He announced that government would look for markets first then channel farmers into that line of production, instead of the other way around.

Horne claimed that the healthcare sector needed a significant boost and this was most evident when the roof of a clinic collapsed. He said for a year the public bath was without water, and the standpipe was needed in the Greggs community since there were people still without running water in their homes. He cried that the area representative Selmon Walters had neglected the basic requirements of those who had voted for him.

Although she was not present, Horne’s wife expressed support via a televised message on one of the large screens at the political launch.