ULP launches ‘rising star’
Special Feature
October 21, 2005

ULP launches ‘rising star’

Unity Labour Party candidate for South Windward, Senator Glen Beache, is asking to be judged on his own merit. The son of the current representative, Sir Vincent Beache, made the request at the launch of his candidacy at the Biabou Playing Field on Sunday.

Addressing the large crowd, he stated, “My name is Glen Beache; I am Sir Vincent’s son, but I don’t want you to vote for me because I am Sir Vincent’s son, but I also don’t want you not to vote for me because I am his son. {{more}}After the next election when I am the next representative for this constituency, I will be the best representative this constituency has ever seen. Nobody doubt that. By the time I finish my first term as a Minister, whoever run against me in the next election, will lose their deposit. I will represent you to the best of my ability.”

The Junior Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing had earlier made a dramatic entrance on stage. He was lowered from a cherry picker after arriving at the park surrounded by dozens of flag waving, shouting supporters wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Glen Beache, rising star.”

According to Beache, the five points of his address were analogous to the five points of the symbol of the ULP, the star. He outlined that he would speak about St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the ULP, his constituency of South Windward, the Youth and about himself.

Although he touched on the other points mentioned, much of his presentation dealt with his constituency. Reiterating that it was “the most progressive constituency in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Beache reminded the gathering that South Windward was the site of three major Government projects. These projects, he said, would impact positively on the constituency.

“I promise you this. There will jobs galore in South Windward. I have already told a lot of comrades in this constituency that any man who is not working when the International Airport starts or the National Stadium or when the Rawacoo National Park gets on the way again, is because they don’t want to work. Because there will be jobs galore.”

Asking the question, “where is there a better place to live in St. Vincent than South Windward,” Beache promised the residents of Diamond that they would soon have water and electricity. “When the ULP does something we do it properly; we have make sure the planning is in order. Have no fear.” He also revealed that electricity will soon come to Carapan because the surveying had just been completed.

His presentation was punctuated with calypsonian Gabby’s “Dah beach is mine,” to which he and the other members of the platform party danced.

The political meeting caused major traffic jams along the Windward highway as far south as Spring Estate. Many persons hoping to attend the meeting, including Deputy Political Leader of the Unity Labour Party, Louis Straker, had to turn back after they got stuck in traffic.