Increased violence prompt calls for metal detectors in St Lucia schools
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February 23, 2024
Increased violence prompt calls for metal detectors in St Lucia schools

Following an uptick in school violence incidents that includes three chopping incidents where students were involved, Saint Lucian senators are championing the implementation of heightened security measures in educational institutions.

Senator Allison Jean has proposed that Saint Lucia seek solutions from more developed countries in addressing the rising violence in schools. Comparing the situation to that of the United States, where school shootings have sadly become frequent occurrences, Jean pointed to the adoption of metal detectors at school entrances as a preventive strategy.

“A school is a place where children are supposed to be safe, and so we must ensure that this environment is conducive to learning so that they don’t have to be fearful while they’re at school,” Jean stated.

Independent Senator, Attorney Deale Lee who mirrored Jean’s emotions stressed the importance of schools’ safety, regardless if it infringes on students’ privacy.

“Schools are public facilities and therefore have the right to establish certain conditions for public safety. If a search is part of that entry, then I don’t see a problem with it,” said Lee.

Last week, the country’s Minister of Education, Shawn Edward addressed the issue of students mirroring negative behaviours observed in adults and influential societal figures.

Minister Edward stressed the importance of cultivating positive values like self-love and patriotism in youth, urging a collective effort to instill these principles.

He emphasised the role of education in shaping responsible citizens and fostering societal harmony. Plans were announced to collaborate with law enforcement and enhance support services in schools to tackle violence. Nonetheless, Minister Edward underscored the necessity of strict enforcement of school rules and laws to address disruptive or violent behaviour among students (Loop News).