BARBADOS: Van driver escapes attempted robbery without injury
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July 19, 2023

BARBADOS: Van driver escapes attempted robbery without injury

A driver of a Public Transport Vehicle (PSV) in Barbados, has become a social media sensation after he successfully fought off two robbers leaving one crying for his mother.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday July 16, was captured on security dash cam and posted to social media on Tuesday.

The video shows the driver, Marlon Tempro, operating the vehicle with two males seated behind him. One pulls a gun and points it toward Tempro, informing him that he is being robbed. After an exchange of words, Tempro accelerates the vehicle and swerving on the road, resulting in one of the robbers screaming in fear and calling out “I want my mudda”.

Tempro slows the vehicle and jumps out after which the robbers run off.

Since the foiled robbery attempt went viral on social media, viewers have been praising Tempro for his quick thinking and also poking fun at the robbers.

The Barbados Police Service (BPS) released wanted notices for the men, age 18 and 33, on Tuesday.

SOURCE: Nation News