REGIONAL: Jamaica cop allegedly killed by wife
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June 6, 2023
REGIONAL: Jamaica cop allegedly killed by wife

A 41-year-old police officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) was shot and killed in his Manchester home, reportedly at the hands of his wife during a domestic dispute.

On May 30, residents in the community recall hearing loud explosions and the couple had had an argument that later escalated into a confrontation.

Police Constable Damien Blair reportedly was shot with his own licensed firearm, after which he ran from the house, to the gate where he collapsed. Further wounds were then inflicted on him with a hammer, according to police reports.

When police arrived at the scene they found Blair with multiple gunshots wounds, while his wife was seen with knife wounds to her wrists. Police report that she had barricaded herself inside a section of the house.

Family members interviewed by the Jamaica Observer reported that Blair and his 33-year-old wife had a stormy relationship with warning signs that trouble was brewing.

One of Blair colleagues, Inspector Simon McCormack, assigned to the Operations Branch, described Blair as a dedicated policeman who was soft-spoken and a hard worker.

He said officers were significantly affected by Blair’s death, adding there was a shadow of gloom over the staff especially since they had seen graphic photos of the crime scene on social media.

Inspector McCormack said there was a need to examine domestic violence issues.

The wife was hospitalised in stable condition and remains under police guard.