Haiti, a serious humanitarian crisis- UNICEF
Photo credit: UNICEF
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February 10, 2023

Haiti, a serious humanitarian crisis- UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s agency, UNICEF, has warned that Haiti is experiencing a very serious humanitarian crisis with almost three million children and adolescents in need of humanitarian care in 2023.

The warning was given by UNICEF’s Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Garry Conille, following a visit to the country. He said that the situation in Haiti is characterized by social unrest, insecurity, instability and poverty and that the vast majority of Haiti’s people are in dire need of assistance.

Governance has virtually collapsed in the country and gang warfare is now the dominant feature.

Kidnappings, assassinations and widespread robbery and looting are now the order of the day. Armed attacks have been made on the President of the Senate and the private residence of the Prime Minister while on Monday of this week, a member of the Cuban medical brigade providing critical medical assistance to Haiti’s poor was kidnapped.

Neither the United Nations nor regional organizations such as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), or the Organisation of American States (OAS) have yet been able to provide solutions to the Haitian crisis.