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September 6, 2019
What’s the best way for an obese person to exercise?

What’s the best way for an obese person to exercise?

We know obesity is getting worse. But what is at the root of obesity? Obesity means you do not know how to convert wealth into well-being. It means your wealth becomes a huge weight that you carry around like a burden. This is not to chastise or shame obese people, at least see obesity for what it is. You cannot properly address a problem if you can’t see it the way it is.

Obesity has nothing to do with greed. Greed is relative. A person on foot can think a person with a bike is greedy, who can think a person with a car is greedy, who can think a person with a private jet is greedy. Wealth is not a sin; but do you have the capability to use your wealth for well-being, or has your wealth become your own suffering? If you have built up huge muscles for show and in the process destroyed your joints, spine, and ability to move properly, then you too are ‘obese’. The only question is, can you turn whatever you have into well-being, or do you carry what you have around like a weight because you don’t know how to convert it into your well-being?

Some might say there are obese people living in poverty, so it’s wrong to assume obesity means wealth is present. Well poverty is also relative, just like greed is relative. If you have enough food to become obese, then you are not starving. A truly starving person can never be obese. You can be nutritionally starved if you’re eating/drinking nutritionally deficient calories in excess, but you are not starved.

Obesity does not come about because of lack of exercise, so exercise is not the solution. Places that try to sell exercise as a solution to obesity are either heartlessly trying to profit on people’s ignorance or they are misinformed and don’t know what they are doing. Trying to exercise away obesity is likely to cause serious injury because there is already an excessive amount of load on the physical structure. Instead, focus on inner well-being first, and not the outer shell. You don’t need some idiot giving you a diet plan or yelling at you to exercise. If what is inside is a problem, then what manifests itself outside will always become a problem.

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