Real Talk Fitness
July 19, 2019
What is the best way to lose weight?

If you live in accordance with nature then excess weight will not be a problem. The only animals that have weight problems and health problems associated with excess weight are the ones in captivity and/or living unnaturally.

Once a person starts to become unhappy with their body weight, they usually look to exercise and diet. The problem with that is in most cases, exercise and dieting are approached with the same kind of compulsivity that led to the problem in the first place. It’s reactionary. It may result in some short term improvements, but more often than not it’s a game of yo-yo, and an unpleasant one that feels like an endless uphill battle.

Why do you feel like you’re working against yourself? Because it’s compulsive. You would be far better off if you turned your attention inward and addressed the root cause of why you’re living compulsively, in a way that is causing damage to yourself. Changing the way you eat and how often you move may definitely be one piece to the solution but HOW you approach those changes will make all the difference in determining whether your efforts lead to a positive permanent transformation, or whether your efforts just take you in circles, using up a lot of energy but not really getting anywhere, like on a treadmill.

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