Let’s talk about applying to enter the world of work (continued)
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June 27, 2023

Let’s talk about applying to enter the world of work (continued)

INTERVIEWS can be very intimidating but there are several steps to take to facilitate a successful interview.

The outcome of an interview depends on the time you invested in preparing for it. When preparing for an interview, take the time to consider your goal as it relates to the position or the organization. Once you are satisfied that you possess the required skills and qualifications for the job you are applying for, take some time to familiarize yourself with the job description for the position and research the organization to learn about its history, vision, mission, and core values and determine whether you would be a good fit.

Research commonly asked interview questions related to the position and suggested answers. If possible, have someone you trust conduct a series of mock interviews with you to give you constructive feedback.

That individual should also observe your posture and make suggestions on how you can strengthen your delivery by adjusting your tone of voice, tweaking your body language, reducing your pause fillers, and tailoring your answers to the company you are hoping to join.

Prepare to answer questions about your strengths and developing areas. Some people find it easy to talk about their strengths but struggle when asked about a weakness. Remember that no one is perfect and regardless of age or experience, everyone, if honest, can identify at least one thing in their life that needs work. Some developing areas could be proper time management, working well under pressure, being able to take constructive feedback, being more flexible, and more patient. Another question you should be prepared to answer is about salary. It is important that you research the market salary scale for the position you are applying for.

Requesting a salary that is way above the market range could be a turn-off, while quoting a salary that is way below could translate into desperation.

Try standing or sitting in front of a mirror and observe your body language when speaking. Pay attention to where your eyes fall, maintain a reasonable amount of eye contact, and avoid looking at the ground. Keep your hands resting comfortably on your lap.

Avoid folding your arms, rubbing your hands together or playing with your jewellery. If you are unfamiliar with your speaking voice, now would be a good time to record yourself and play it back. Listen to your pitch, pace, and your tone of voice and whether you inadvertently interject dialect into what you are saying.

Before the interview, prepare thoughtful questions for the interviewer.

Having questions about the position or the company shows a keen interest on your part. A couple common questions are 1.What do you think may be an initial challenge for me in this position? 2. What qualities do you think the successful candidate should possess?

You can make all the preparations in the world but if you are unable to sell yourself, you will fail.

It is important that your confidence gauge is high.

You should feel good about yourself and your ability if you meet the requirements for the job and have taken the time to research the position and the company. Take some time to self-affirm. Keep in mind a picture of the outcome you desire, write out the outcome in the past tense as if already happened. Dress appropriately when you are called for the interview, if in doubt ask the caller about the dress code, distressed jeans and slippers are unacceptable for an interview.

Here are a couple links that provide additional information.

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Best of luck in your job search. If you followed any of my tips, please let me know the outcome.

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