Prime the pump
July 5, 2019
Raising awareness of your business

Whether you are just setting up a business or you have been around for decades, attention is a principal currency of a business’ success and what better time to attract attention than during a festive season like Carnival. Marketing builds name recognition. When you raise awareness of your business, you give prospects a reason to visit. When prospects visit, it increases the chances for sales and word of mouth promotion.

Francesca Nicasio, in an article “6 Retail Marketing Strategies to Help You Get New Customers”, suggested tactics such as merchandising and fixtures, window and curbside, staff, social media. She said “the best way to attract and convert customers is to wow them with your amazing merch. See to it that you’re always stocking the right products. Then once you have the right merchandise, come up with creative displays and arrangement to make them pop. Start by identifying your “Lake Front Property. This is the areas of your store that generate the most revenue.”

Nicasio suggested that you change your window displays at least once per week and ensure that your curbside is always clean and tidy. She stressed the key role employees play in marketing. “It’s important to keep them engaged and motivated. Provide ample training, and strive to be a great place to work. These steps will lead to happier employees and higher levels of performance, which will in turn lead to better retail experiences and more satisfied customers,” Said Nicasio.

When it comes to retail and social media, Nicasio recommended that you seriously consider Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. “These are the most consumer-centric networks, making them ideal for merchants,” said Nicasio.

However, the reality is, if you truly want to maximize your visibility during this and other festive seasons, you need to buy attention. Use paid advertising, invest in branding materials and create a visible presence. Unless you master the art of converting prospects into customers and customers into champions for your brand, you will fail. Marketing spenders know how to prime the pump; they put money in to get more money out.

You may have the best product and the best price, but if people don’t know who you are and what you offer, it makes no sense.
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