Prime the pump
June 14, 2019
Surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve

Uncertainty – the one sure thing in a sea of possibilities. You may be lucky to be in your ideal job or happy in your current career, but that can change in a second. A natural disaster can disrupt the economy, or a risky investment can push your company to downsize, or a change in government can make the difference between plenty of jobs and plenty of layoffs.

Even when you are in the job of your dream, you should never allow your skills to plateau. In today’s article, we share two tips on how to remain employable, from Kush Patel, founder and CEO of App Academy, a top-ranked software development school with locations across the United States.

Patel said networking is key. According to him, warm introductions to a company convert to a phone screen up to ten times more often than cold applications. His recommendation is that people invest in their connections and be proactive about networking. Patel said “If you treat your professional relationships as investments and make a genuine effort to help them grow, you’ll have a diversified set of relationships that will be the catalyst to your growth and mobility in the job market for years to come.”

“Studying hard and developing your skills individually will only take you so far,” said Patel. You must find mentors. His recommendation is that you surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve and engage them.  “This could be as small as wanting to know what it takes to level up from your current position, to as big as selling a company. Mentors can help you make major strides at an accelerated rate, whether it’s helping you avoid common pitfalls or opening doors by introducing you to other people in their network. Mentors, however, are only as valuable as the questions you ask, so make sure to invest time in thinking about what questions are going to give you the practical answers you need to develop.”

At the end of it, you can only go as far as your mind lets you. Believe in yourself! ‘Carry yourself with confidence and determination; your results will reflect this attitude.’

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