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April 26, 2019

Effects of poor customer service

Recently, I accompanied a friend into a boutique store. After browsing, my friend inquired about the price of an item. “That can’t fit you,” the clerk replied. Flabbergasted, I said, “She did not ask about the size, she asked the price.” The persistent clerk replied: “and I am telling her that it cannot fit her!” Obliged to speak up on my friend’s behalf; I said “but you don’t know if she is enquiring for herself or for someone else. The correct response should have been: “It’s $XXX. Are you asking for yourself, or for someone else?”

After witnessing such unprofessionalism, I took my friend by the hand and escorted her out. As we were leaving, the clerk commented that I was being silly. Because of that experience we now think of that place as something of the past. It is no longer an option for us.

Some people are not cut out for customer service work, and hiring them in certain positions does more harm than good for businesses. Mary Shulzhenko in an article “Why Do Business Still Provide Terrible Customer Service?” Shared some of the reasons why there are so many examples of terrible customer service in today’s competitive, accelerated, consumer-powered market.

According to Shulzhenko:
n Some businesses fail to realize and acknowledge the financial impact of poor customer service on their organization.

  •  Some businesses fail to build a customer centric culture. Shulzhenko said “customer centricity goes beyond offering outstanding customer service. It is a strategy based on putting customers first.”


  •  Some businesses do not have a dedicated customer service team. Shulzhenko suggested that having a trained customer service person/team is a “must-have’ aspect of any successful business.


  •  Some businesses hire the wrong employees. Shulzhenko claimed that having a passion for customer service and enjoy doing it is just as important as being a great listener and an effective communicator.

“Customer service plays a crucial role in customers acquisition and retention for any business of any size in any industry.” Consumers are more aware of the services businesses should provide. Therefore, businesses need to get their customer service priority right.

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