Prime the pump
November 2, 2018
Position your business where your target audience will find it

Whether you like it or not, the success of your business is driven by your competitors. They determine your market share, your profit level, how fast you grow and the future of your business. To trump your competitors, you must stay ahead of them and in the spotlight throughout the year.

One way to stay ahead is to find the correct medium through which to market your business. Many businesses are leaning towards social media marketing, in particular websites and Facebook. The question is, what do people look for on a generic website and on Facebook?

Recently, a friend advertised an apartment on a website; after several days, the ad did not generate a single lead. However, minutes after the same ad was published in print, her cell phone couldn’t stop ringing. Be smart; position your business where your target audience will find it.

Did you know that Facebook posts get little or no exposure unless they are promoted? Unless you do paid advertising, Facebook’s algorithm makes it so that only a very small percentage of your audience sees your posts.

This is not to say that Facebook ads are useless. Louise Hendon says that Facebook ads work well if they’re part of a complete sales funnel and don’t ask the audience to buy right away by directing them to a sales page. “It requires a whole strategy—not just bits and pieces thrown up.”

Time is money; don’t waste your time on social media marketing unless you know what you’re doing. We want to help you get noticed.

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