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October 26, 2018
Celebrating your company’s anniversary

Happy birthday St Vincent and the Grenadines! Happy birthday to you…!

It’s no secret what happens on the anniversary of our country’s independence. The simplest description is – “the best of SVG is put on display.” We show our patriotism by hanging flags, and wearing our national colours. A military parade spectacle is put on while reference is made of how far we’ve come and emphasis our hope for the future.

Every time I attend an independence parade I am impacted, either by what I would have witnessed or by what I would have heard. The experience evokes in me a greater sense of pride for my country.

I wish every company would celebrate their anniversary much like countries celebrate their independence. Anniversaries are not to be wasted. “It’s an ideal time to recommit to what should never change.”

There are many reasons for celebrating your company’s anniversary. I particularly agree with the three reasons put forward by Corporate Marketing Video.

∑ 1. Client Connection: People do pay attention. Your longevity is a measure of success. Business relationships are based on trust and an Anniversary Presentation demonstrates stability and worth. Build on this connection by presenting the company’s history, accomplishments and little-known attributes. Hand in hand with an anniversary is saying ‘Thank You’, which always results in greater loyalty.

∑ 2. Employee Morale: Staff spirit is tremendously boosted by being part of this celebratory event. There is a sense of pride and energy associated with the milestone. Even the sales team now have a theme to rally around and the glow will proceed beyond the year.

∑ 3. Marketing: Contacting customers is easy and can be done in many forms. You can offer special pricing, discounts, product features and additional services without question. You can mail a card or send an email. It allows for an open house, party, picnic, lunch/dinner or conference. Gifts make perfect sense, as well as issuing press releases and placing advertisements.

Never pass up an opportunity to say thank you.

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