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August 31, 2018
Satisfying your customers’ expectations

As cliché as the phrase “change is inevitable” may sound, the fact is, people change, their expectations change and their needs change. People don’t tell you that they are going to change nor do they ask for your permission to change. Instead, they shift, and in most cases, companies only realize that a shift has happened after the fact.

Recently, an executive of a non-profit organization met to discuss methods to increase member retention. One of the methods considered was to conduct frequent internal customer surveys to ascertain whether members needs have changed since joining the organization and to be better equipped to meet or exceed their expectations.

Quality customer service is the ability to create a climate of confidence, credibility and satisfaction for all parties in the “chain”. The same is true whether the relationship is with employee and employer, product concept and design, or manufacture and distribution. Customers are satisfied when their expectations, not yours, are met or exceeded.

Having satisfied customers leads to increase revenue and brand awareness, hence the reason why most companies develop strategies to improve quality and external customer service. However, having satisfied employees is the key contributor to a company’s success – especially through tough economic times.

Rlmiller, in an article “The Importance of Internal Customer Service”, stressed that great internal customer service increases employee satisfaction, lower employee acquisition costs and increase employee productivity and performance. Rlmiller said when employees are satisfied, they are excited to come to work, are more willing to go the extra mile to please customers and are great brand advocates.

Therefore, if your goal is to satisfy your external customers, you must start with making your internal customers satisfied. To achieve total customer satisfaction, all levels of the company must be devoted to external customer satisfaction and work together to assist each other to achieve the common objective.
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