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August 17, 2018
Employee personality types – How important are they to business planning?

Tim considered himself an exemplary employee. He worked hard, went the extra mile, defended his company and got along great with his manager. However, when Tim’s manager left the company, his world turned upside down. He did pretty much the same things he did previously, the same way he did them, but instead of commendations, he had frequent clashes with his new boss.

Like Tim, you may be wondering why you work really well with some people and seem to clash with others. Personality types are useful for recognizing how we lead, influence, communicate, collaborate, negotiate business and manage stress.

Many organizations, large and small throughout the world have been using The Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment to make people more effective. Lauren Copeland, of Prismatic Thinking, in an article, “The importance of understanding personality type in the Workplace” said it can help with our leadership style, to resolve conflicts more effectively, to communicate more effectively, to understand how others make decisions, to coach others, to improve sales skills and to retain key staff. 

Today we share three of Lauren Copeland’s points.

∑ Using Type in Leadership:

By understanding your own type, you can lead others more effectively by focusing on your strengths and being aware of any potential pit falls, as well as understanding others strengths and requirements to succeed.

∑ Using Type in Conflict:
Being aware of type during conflict allows people to become more aware of how to approach the conflict, how to communicate with others they are in conflict with and best of all how to resolve the conflict more effectively.

∑ Using Type in Communications

Understanding, appreciating, and accommodating individual differences in communication style can enhance your ability to communicate effectively. This communication advantage will increase your effectiveness as an employee, supervisor, trainer, coach, team member, and/or leader.

To be continued.

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