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August 10, 2018
Essential negotiation skills needed in a business

Whether you’re a salesman trying to sell a brand, a shopper haggling over the price of a new vehicle, a mother trying to get a child to eat vegetables, or, an employee discussing a compensation package – you are a negotiator.
In her negotiation textbook “The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator”, Leigh Thompson refers to negotiation as an “interpersonal decision-making process”, that is “necessary whenever we cannot achieve our objectives single-handedly.”

Today, we share some essential negotiation skills proposed by Raj Kumar, that can put you in a tremendous position of influence regardless to your area of business.

i Take a dispassionate, emotionally neutral look at the issue. Never start with an assumption. When you start with any kind of assumption, every decision that follows in the dialogue will be based on your initial assumption. Assumptions and biases are emotion-based states, and decisions based on emotions are not sound.

ii Deal with the real power-holders. Think carefully about who the true decision-makers in the scenario are. Make sure that you are negotiating with the real power -brokers and not with blockers — people who try to keep you from the real decision-makers.

iii Find out the real, not the assumed, need of everyone involved before you begin negotiating. Conduct extensive fact finding, never base decisions on assumptions. Do your homework and come prepared.

iv Identify problems that might hinder an amicable solution. State those problems clearly at the outset of your discussion and ask the stakeholder how these problems might be solved. Listen attentively while stakeholders talk.

v Keep your mouth shut. Remain fully present in the moment. Only ask questions that are based on facts that have been disclosed. Keep quiet as much as possible and take thorough notes.

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