Prime the pump
July 20, 2018
Using team building techniques to make your business stronger

During my research for this week’s article on effective teamwork, I came across several team building techniques employed by organizations throughout the world. However, the one that resonated with me the most, was a simple, inexpensive, yet highly effective technique used by US company Guidefitter.

Guidefitter uses “Scheduled Breaks” to cultivate an environment of trust and respect. These breaks are times scheduled on their calendars where employees meet to talk, relax and discuss the ins and outs of their days.

Another team strengthening technique Guidefitter employs is brief weekly meetings. At each meeting, the past week is reviewed and, each employee shares one professional and one personal win. This practice serves to motivate team members and create a strong professional bond among them.

Effective teamwork has long been considered an important aspect of any organization’s success. And, communication plays an important role in the success of any team. Research has found that more people working together on a project are more effective than a single person spending all of his time on the same project. But, without communication, a team can be as useless as if no one was assigned to work on the project.

Recently, in a conversation with a CEO of a successful company, I asked about the secret to the company’s success. “It’s quite simple,” he said, “we make our employees feel valued and include them in the happenings of the company. I spend the first few minutes of each workday meeting and greeting employees. Also, we have regular meetings where information is shared openly and honestly.”

Success is closer than you think. Good communication, team cohesion, mutual trust, shared vision, strong organizational support and competence among team leaders can lead to highly successful teams. But, of all those factors, good communication is considered the key to success.

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