Prime the pump
July 13, 2018
Using Google Analytics to improve your business

So you have installed Google Analytics (GA) on your website and now have access to loads of data that is being collected. How do you use that data to see what is working and what is not, and to make informed business decisions?

In a post geared to people who are just getting started with Analytics and online marketing; titled “Using Google Analytics to Grow Your Business.” Yehoshua Coren of Analytics Ninja LLC, explains that your data is there to provide answers, therefore, instead of first trying to understand the data, start with questions you want to be answered.

He shares that “Google has built into their platform a framework to help users understand analytics, the “ABCs” of Acquisition, Behaviour, and Conversion. The default view of many reports in GA breaks up metrics into these three categories.”

∑ “Acquisition – how do you acquire users? How many? From where?

∑ Behaviour – how do users behave on your site?

∑ Conversion – do users take a desired action on the site”
Coren suggests that before business owners try to interrupt reports, a critical step is to create a measurement plan.

A measurement plan is a blueprint for marketing success that translates your highest business objectives. And, according to Digital Marketing Expert Ryan Stewart, “a measurement plan accomplishes the following for your business:

∑ Defines your company’s objectives; maps those objectives to goals, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

∑ Defines what success looks like; gets buy-in from top executives

∑ Provides direction and way ahead for your marketing strategy

∑ Lays the groundwork for proper JavaScript and HTML tagging on your website (for tracking data)

∑ Plans how you will sort through the data: what do we need and why?

∑ Assists in optimization and improvements”

Maybe you are wondering why Google Analytics is such a big deal. Well, it is one of the top, most powerful digital marketing tool available and it’s free. If you want to expand and grow your business on the internet, you should definitely be using Google Analytics.

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