Prime the pump
July 6, 2018
Newspaper advertising – an important part of marketing campaigns

Advertisers who are cutting back on newspaper advertising are undermining their marketing campaign.

This is the message from a study on Return on Investment (ROI) conducted by Newsworks, UK. It suggests that in order for advertisers to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign, newspaper advertising must be the foundation for other media campaigns.

The research strengthens the importance of newspaper advertising and provides evidence of the impact newspapers have on advertising campaigns. It claims that by adding newspapers to a retail campaign increases its effectiveness by 2.8 times, automotive by +71 per cent and finance by 5.7 times and newspapers make TV twice as effective and online display four times more effective.

“It is clear that newspaper brands boost other media, as well as performing a powerful role in their own right,” said Rufus Olins, chief executive of Newsworks. “Running a campaign without newspaper is like trying to bake a cake without baking powder.”

If your ultimate goal is to deliver returns on your investment, you must study the data instead of operating by trial and error. Digital, TV and radio cannot replace the effectiveness of newspaper advertising – they must be in collaboration. TV advertising offers multi-sensory appeal and newspapers are more engaging and offer a more personal experience. TV provides mass awareness and newspapers put readers in the frame of mind to consider alternative information.

A radio strength lies in impacting consumers’ behaviour and newspapers offer less distraction and more reliable record of ads. A newspaper ad can be cut out and saved for later.

Digital advertising helps to reach a wider demographic of customer and newspaper advertising is more effective at driving business at a local level.

Be intentional where others are unintentional; build on a newspaper advertising foundation.

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