Prime the pump
June 29, 2018
Have another look at Searchlight Online –!!

We are pleased to report that in keeping with technological advances, we have recently taken significant steps to strengthen our digital offerings.

The new digital platform, which includes a free mobile phone app and an enhanced e-commerce page, presents customers with an enhanced reading and browsing experience, as well as the ability to access our products/ services from anywhere in the world, at anytime of the day or night, without direct interaction with our office.

The Digital Plans Include:

∑ Full and Unlimited access to our website

∑ An app (iOS or Android) to access newsfeed and e-paper on your mobile phone

∑ A read aloud and translation features of our e-paper

∑ Offline reading of e-paper supported

∑ An email notification whenever our e-paper is published, and more.

It makes sense to subscribe to our e-paper. For just EC$100 per year, you get exclusive access to a full colour Midweek e-paper in addition to the Weekend e-paper, which is an exact replica of the print edition. You may also access our online archives which date back to 2005.

Interested in ads? Access our advertising marketplace. Enter the date of any publication and all of the ads published in that publication will be listed.

Have a keen interest in a particular story? Check out our E-Notify service. Sign up to receive daily notifications of articles containing your keywords.

‘Help’ takes you to Q&A. We provide answers so some of the most frequently asked questions. Learn how to print and download, search archive, editions and options, browse mode, pages mode and index mode.

Along with all the free offerings mentioned earlier, we offer visitors to our website free access to five subscribed articles every eight weeks and UNLIMITED free access to breaking news, press releases and other selected articles.

Visit to check out our new offerings!