Prime the pump
June 1, 2018
Marketing yourself is the best way to keep on winning

A friend of mine, a veteran politician from a neighbouring island, shared with me an experience she had on the campaign trail early in her political career.  While making door to door visits in preparation for an election, she visited the home of a longtime friend.  They chatted casually, and then, she left without asking him for his vote.

After the elections, although she was unsuccessful, she returned to say thanks.  It was then he informed her that he did not vote for her.  He told her that during their chat, she did not asked for his vote, but her opponent did. 

She learnt an invaluable lesson – never assume you have anyone’s vote already in the bag. 

The Best of SVG is in no way political, but it is a campaign to market individuals, groups and organizations. And, in a campaign, candidates carry out a set of activities to win people’s support.
Though, in my opinion, the most touching stories coming out of the Best of SVG Awards are the ones where winners either had no knowledge of the campaign, or did not solicit votes. However, they were nominated by patrons who genuinely thought that their work deserves recognition and reward. People who desire to win cannot play ignorant.

The only sure way to secure a win and to keep on winning, is by marketing, marketing, marketing…This year’s results have shown that in some instances several top nominees from 2017 didn’t make the list.

It’s not because their standards have fallen, but because others have taken their marketing campaign to another level.

Now that you are more informed, do more marketing. Anyhow you look at it, you have to put something in, to get something out.

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