Prime the pump
May 25, 2018
And the winners in the Best of SVG 2018 are…

And the winners are… In just a few more days, providers of products and services, their staff and stakeholders, patrons, relatives and friends will gather at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College where the winners of the 2018 People’s Choice Campaign will be announced and winners will be dubbed the Best of SVG 2018 in their respective categories.

Based on the list of nominees in each category that the accounting firm Grant Thornton has provided to Interactive Media Limited, as the people’s choice for the 2018 Best of SVG and, which was published in the Searchlight Newspaper edition of Friday, May 18, 2018, there are a number of things entrepreneurs and individuals can take away from the results. Two of which are – people are unpredictable and people have options.

Making the 2018 Best of SVG people’s choice nomination list was no easy feat, especially as there are so many options in such a small market. Therefore, while for the most part, only one individual, group or business will be dubbed the Best of SVG 2018 in the respective categories, all 306 of the top nominees are winners in their own right, especially those that were nominated for the second consecutive year.

The Best of SVG People’s Choice Awards presents opportunities for individuals and business alike to be recognized for years of hard work, passion and dedication in their area of expertise, to celebrate their achievements, to appreciate and thank the people who have supported them over the years and to plan for greater and bigger accomplishments.

It can be a rocket that shoots your business far above your competitors if used wisely.

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