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May 18, 2018
Poor grammar is bad for business

Imagine a candidate showing up for a job interview wearing a tattered and stained shirt, faded tatty jeans and flip-flops – Yikes! You’ll think he’s not serious, right?  Well, it’s basically the same impression a prospect gets when he visits a website and discovers that it is sprinkled with bad grammar and spelling errors.

Experts say that your content has less than one second to impress viewers, that it’s professional before it leaves, and poor grammar and bad spelling are killing content marketing.

In 2013, Global Lingo, UK communication experts, polled 1, 029 people to determine their attitude towards online shopping. Seventy-four percent said they take note of the quality of spelling and grammar on the websites they visit, while 59 percent said bad grammar and spelling errors will stop them from buying on that website. Furthermore, the study says that bad grammar and spelling reduce online sales by half.

In an article “How Bad Grammar is Affecting Your Company’s Bottom-line”, Carly Stec said one of the easiest ways to discount your business’ credibility is to fall victim to spelling errors and poor grammar. She stressed that bad grammar and spelling dilute your message, slow readers down and detract from your business’ credibility and overall message.

Furthermore, bad grammar and spelling can ruin your company’s reputation, affect your website rankings and make your business look unprofessional.
So, have you reviewed your content lately? If not, it’s time for a check-up.

It’s easy to overlook your own mistakes, so it may be necessary for you to employ a professional, or, try reading backwards, this method affects the natural flow of things and makes it easier to identify your mistakes, or, try reading out loud. This proof-reading technique forces you to listen and has proven to be very effective.

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