Prime the pump
February 16, 2018
Be constant and consistent with your advertising

Recently I received a call from someone who was seeking to consume a service I provide.  I had almost forgotten that for weeks I had been advertising the service in the classified section of the Searchlight Newspaper.  It cost me less than $10 per week to create visibility and a constant and consistent message. When asked how did have learn about my service, the consumer said “I remembered seeing an ad in the newspaper.”

Neil Kokemuller, in an article “The Disadvantages of Advertising on Television,” said “Unlike static print media, such as newspapers and magazines, the broadcast media, TV and radio, have fleeting messages. A television commercial runs for 30 to 60 seconds and then it is gone. During that time, you have to capture the viewer’s attention and hit him with a persuasive message. Normally, you have to expose someone to an ad three to six times before he remembers it. 

Do you sometimes wonder what makes big companies with on-point marketing campaigns so successful? The formula to their success is constant and consistent advertising.  Beth Pop-Nikolov, in an article on VENVEO called “3 Reasons Brand Consistency is so Important,” outlined that “consistency is marketing at a higher level, it makes your brand feels more dependable and consumers trust brands they recognize.”

Market leaders have demonstrated that whether in little or in much, businesses need to be constant and consistent and as much as possible distribute their resources over all media platforms. Of course, not everyone has the budget to advertise on all media simultaneously. However, planning and managing your resources to maximize effectiveness is key. One way to be maintain consistency in print is to opt for more inexpensive adverts over an extended period of time instead of a one-off more costly advert.

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