Prime the pump
January 5, 2018
Best of SVG is a Vincentian thing; partner with us!

When some businesses made it on to the Best of SVG 2017 nomination list, it was the first time many people had heard of them. The Best of SVG was the vehicle that transported several businesses from a village name to an international audience.

Today, the results of this humble initiative, geared towards rewarding excellence in service delivery and products in the business community and among organizations and individuals, have been overwhelming. It has promoted businesses to a level they could only have dreamed of and is impacting their bottom-line.

Voting for the Best of SVG 2018 begins today and this year promises to be bigger and better, with an eight-week campaign, which will culminate with a grand People’s Choice Award Ceremony late in April.

However, nominees are not the only group that stand to benefit. Market leaders that flexed their philanthropic muscle will win big too. During the eight-week campaign, we will maximize all of our resources to provide unmatched coverage in the areas of brand recognition and awareness, product and service promotion, strengthening of reputation and building of network and community connection.

The logos of our major partners will be affixed to our Best of SVG promotional material, their names mentioned in the Best of SVG promotional press, radio and TV advertisements, and echoed at the People’s Choice Awards ceremony. Partners will be seen as community developers and nation builders and their actions will generate goodwill and will convert prospects into customers and customers into repeaters.

Here’s an initiative in which every Vincentian can and should participate. It is the biggest marketing tool available locally and it’s FREE.

The Best of SVG is your thing, it’s my thing and it’s a Vincentian thing. Come, partner with us – be a sponsor – be a voter.

Contact us today at [email protected] or (784) 456-1558 or (784) 494-0031. We’ll help you get noticed.