Prime the pump
October 13, 2017
Disengaged employees – time to call them out

I cannot emphasize enough that it’s not your advertising budget that will drive your business success, but your staff. People don’t buy from companies; people buy from people.

I recognized a disconnect between a client’s business and its customers and thought with a little nudge from me and a little extra effort by its sales staff, the company would be able to narrow the gap and position itself for a greater profit margin; but the staff would have none of it.

The response I got was “Are you really going to do that for free? That’s a lot of work. I cannot do that for free.”

I was taken aback by the employees’ indifference.

Disengaged employees are not concerned with helping your company grow; instead, they will drag it down.

According to the Gallup Management Journal’s Employees Engagement Index, 29 per cent of employees are actively engaged in their jobs, 54 per cent are not engaged, and 17 per cent are actively disengaged.

When it comes to your business, you cannot sit back in your recliner and allow disengaged employees to influence engaged workers and negatively impact your profit. You have to step up your game. Recognize who they are and manage them efficiently.

If you have employees on your team who exhibit the following traits, it’s time to call them out.
Complainers. Nothing is ever good enough.
  • Always making excuses for their behaviour.
  • Unwilling to go above and beyond their duties.
  • Unreliable, andmDo not take initiative…

It’s time to draw the line in the sand. Employees who are engaged should be treated like your best customers and those who are not…well, you decide.
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