Prime the pump
September 22, 2017
SEARCHLIGHT’s brand inventory

It’s time for stocktaking. Today, we turn our attention inward to do a brand inventory, where we evaluate what we put out to the world. For many businesses, a brand is a logo, a slogan or a colour. While the aforementioned are elements of our brand, branding for us is what we say and do in order to make people say, feel and think the way they do about our product, service and company.  

SEARCHLIGHT is a biweekly publication, distributed in St Vincent and the Grenadines and around the world. We consistently deliver a top quality product that is published in print and online as an e-paper and on our website. Our publications promise reliable information that will educate, inform and improve lives and exhibit premier skill and class in its image and content.

The Midweek and Weekend publications combined offer more news on social ills, commentaries, achievements and current affairs than you’re likely to get anywhere else.

The Midweek publication offers a unique marketing opportunity for businesses hoping to promote weekend bargains, make urgent announcements or advertise new arrivals, and for event planners wanting to ensure patrons budget for a late planned weekend activity. SEARCHLIGHT also offers more budgetary options with the Midweek advertising package, set at a different price point than the Weekend and complemented with a digital advertising package. 

We continue to work on building trust among customers and prospects, be it readers or advertisers. 

By creating a bridge through greater collaboration with businesses and community groups in community development initiatives, we hope to further engage our existing audience and grow our reach to new ones.

Have you done a brand inventory lately? Your brand is responsible for the customers you attract.

Contact us today at [email protected] or (784) 456-1558 or (784) 494-0031. We’ll help you get noticed.