Prime the pump
September 8, 2017
Time for your business check-up

It’s time for your ‘business check-up.’ With complaints that things are so bad, it’s time to determine whether you have a market, a sales, an economy or a message problem. My dollar is on a message problem.

A business that offers the same product, price and customer service like every other business competes with its competitors and feels the pinch in a restricted market.

When people think of a business, rarely does a generalist name or brand come to mind. A message that is targeted to a niche market creates more traction than one targeted for whosoever will.

A big mistake small businesses make is to try to offer everything to everyone. They water down their marketing message and leave customers and prospects confused. It’s general knowledge that specialists get more business. In a small market where many businesses are competing for a share, you need to differentiate to survive and to dominate.

As a generalist, your competitors determine your products, price and message and you’re always pressured to sell everything to everyone. A specialist who chooses one thing and endeavours to have his product, sales and message better than all others, will win and will expand when the generalist is retracting.

Differentiating calls for innovation. Instead of recycling someone’s idea, why not upcycle it into a product that customers need and will use.

Consult the experts; things are never as bad as they seem and remember, print marketing is still the prime tool to get you noticed.

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