Prime the pump
September 1, 2017
Never underestimate the power of persistence to success

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is to quit when faced with temporary defeat. Small business owners will have a much different story to tell if they operated as if their lives depended on the success of their business, instead of always weighing options.

Napoleon Hill says: “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

Like most people, you may have underestimated the power of persistence to your success. Perseverance is a necessity.

R U Darby is mentioned in Napoleon Hill’s Masterminds as the man who stopped drilling three feet from gold. After discovering a gold mine, relatives and a few neighbours who believed in him invested in the machinery needed to mine gold. After a brief success, it appeared that the vein of gold ore disappeared. Darby did what most people do when the going gets tough – quit. He sold the machinery cheap to a ‘junk’ man and moved on to a more attainable goal.

The ‘junk’ man was smart enough to call in a mining engineer to get expert advice. It was discovered that Darby gave up three feet from the gold ore vein. The ‘junk’ man took millions of dollars in ore from the mine.

Do your research and you’ll discover most of the widely successful people succeeded only after they would have experienced insurmountable defeat, but had a definite goal.

Things are tough. Business is slow. You’re struggling to make ends meet. So what? Don’t cancel your marketing campaigns. Don’t cut your marketing budget. Consult the experts before you pack up.