Prime the pump
July 28, 2017
Tips to great marketing

Joe Chernov said “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” Here are a few thoughts to consider in accomplishing both:

Set a Marketing Budget:

Like electricity, water and the Internet, marketing is an essential element of your business; therefore, it’s important that you establish a marketing budget which can be used for anniversary celebrations, special promotions, partnering with other businesses, and having a consistent presence in the public.

Especially if your resources are limited, ensure that you have a plan, set priorities and direct your resources into what you consider top priority activities.

Have Corporate Gifts:

Investing in personalized marketing solutions, such as pens, key rings, fridge magnets, mugs… can be valuable in expanding your reach. Remember to include your company logo, tagline and contact information on your gifts.

Engage Your Audience:

Think of a two-way communication. Social media is an inexpensive way to keep patrons and prospects abreast of what’s happening within your business and get their feedback. Another way is to offer discounts/ coupons via print media. A marketing plan should be a live document that is revisited and updated regularly.

Searchlight’s Midweek publications present another opportunity to attract attention to your businesses.

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