Prime the pump
July 21, 2017
Why should a business recognize its anniversary?

Celebrating a business anniversary isn’t a waste of time; it’s a potent marketing tool. Whether it’s 40 years or just two or three, every company should celebrate their anniversary. It attracts attention to your product, service or skill and remind patrons and prospects that you’re still thriving although many others have left the scene.

It’s an opportunity to recognize both your internal and external customers for their contribution to the longevity of your business. By recognizing employees for their dedication and involvement, you boost their morale and by recognizing customers and key stakeholders for their support, you strengthen your relationships with them and show them that they are seen as partners in the business success.

In this challenging economic climate you need to seek out and make full advantage of every opportunity to bring positive attention to your business.

If you have an anniversary approaching and you want to use the opportunity to:

∑ Give your business a competitive advantage

∑ Raise greater awareness of your product, service or skill

∑ Motivate sales, and

∑ Increase your business credibility

we can help you.

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