Prime the pump
July 14, 2017
How does print stack up against other media?

by Karen James

I get told quite frequently “I know I should be doing some kind of advertising, but I don’t know where to start or what the best media for my business is.”

Print media is still the number one option for unlimited exposure. While radio and television give you scheduled coverage, with print media your ad is always available. This is especially true at a media house like Searchlight that offers e-subscriptions and twice a week publication in print. Its online archives date back to 2005.

With print media, you control how much information is shared, by choosing the most appropriate size advertisment. You’re not limited to a line or two or 30 seconds.

With radio and television advertising, some may consider the interruption of programming annoying; with print media, the paper is accessible and can be read by customers and prospects at their convenience.

Also, radio and television audiences are more selective; customers and prospects who tune in may do so only for their favourite programme and are likely to miss the airing of your ad. With print media, customers and prospects acquire a newspaper to read the content.

As of July 25, 2017, Searchlight’s Midweek publications will present another opportunity to attract greater attention to your business. The content of this fresh, redesigned publication will reflect a greater community focus and present businesses with more opportunities to reach their target markets.

Readers can expect, in addition to the regular news and sports, entertainment, ‘Where to Find’, ‘Where to Dine’, ‘Where to Stay’, ‘Where to Shop’, ‘Places to See’, tech stuff, ‘how to’ and other personal development and environmental features.

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