Police recruits receive deescalation training for mentally ill
Live scenarios of the deescalation training being acted out by police recruits.
Press Release
March 27, 2024
Police recruits receive deescalation training for mentally ill

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) in partnership with the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (MHRC) continues to host De-Escalation Training with the police recruits.

This training helps to teach police officers skills that can be used when interacting with mentally ill persons. Officers were schooled in techniques of the escalation and de-escalation cycle, causes of escalation, imminent danger signs to identify an escalating situation, the 3 A’s of de-escalation (awareness, assessment, and action) as well as how to positively de-escalate a situation involving mental health patients.

Additionally, the training covers general mental health information to acquaint officers with signs and symptoms that may show declining mental health. Community Mental Health and MHRC Admission Policy were also covered in the session.

The training was inclusive of live scenarios which are displayed in the photographs attached. The training also encourages police officers to take proactive steps toward taking care of their mental health while working in a high-stress environment.

The training was conducted on Monday 18, March 2024 by Dr Michael Stowe (Medical Officer), Mr Keron Knights (Staff Nurse – Community Mental Health), Ms Ellica Matthews and Mrs Anya Abbott (Counsellors), and Mrs Shunnell Nedd-Noel (Psychiatric Social Worker). T

he most recent training was done on Monday 18, March 2024.