WPP conducts Speech & Language Therapy and Cardiology Missions
Kimberley Cambridge (right) – Local Speech Pathologist
Press Release
February 13, 2024
WPP conducts Speech & Language Therapy and Cardiology Missions

The World Paediatric Project (WPP), hosted back-to-back Speech and Language Therapy, and diagnostic Cardiology teams last week. Both teams together provided healthcare services to over 200 Vincentian children, a WPP release states.

Miriam Kerr (left)– Leading Speech Pathologist

Speech, language and behavioural issues especially in young children have shown to be an area in St. Vincent that needs attention considering the large number of referrals received. The WPP Speech and Language team was led by speech pathologist, Miriam Kerr who specializes in cleft lip and palate, as well as language and articulation disorders. She was accompanied by Wendi McMillan, specializing in augmentative communication; Sarah Cunningham, specializing in paediatric feeding and early intervention; Brendan Rooney; and Laura Carpenter both specializing in Autism and behavioural disorders. Along with them was Kimberley Cambridge a local speech pathologist and Dr. Mishka Duncan-Adams, Paediatrician and Neurologist. The team is curated in a way to target not only speech and language concerns but also autism, ADHD and developmental delays associated with genetic disorders such as Downs Syndrome.

They assessed a total of 149 children in the span of three days from Sunday January, 28 – Tuesday January, 30, 2024 at the Helping Hands Center in New Montrose. The team also held a group session for parents with children who have speech delays that allowed for parents to learn more about speech delays and what they can do to help. After departing St. Vincent, the team continued assessments in Dominica.

Cambridge deemed the mission in St Vincent and the Grenadines a success, and said she looks forward to working with the team again. “The aim is to continue to provide support as best as I can locally,” she noted and is encouraging parents to continue to monitor their children’s speech and developmental milestones.

Brendan Rooney (left) – Speech pathologist specializing in Autism

Following closely after the Speech and Language team’s departure, the diagnostic Cardiology team arrived and held two days of clinics at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Thursday February, 1, and Friday February,2, 2024. Paediatric Cardiologist Dr. William Moskowitz led the team and was accompanied by Paediatric cardiology fellow, Dr. Shivraj Savadkar. Local Paediatric general surgeon, Dr. Jasmine Ellis-Davy and Paediatrician Dr. Joy Walters joined the team in assessing a total of 74 patients, both new and follow-up.

Both teams have expressed their contentment and gratification with the turnout of families at the missions and being able to serve them for yet another year. Both missions were sponsored by The Mustique Charitable Foundation.