FAO’s workshop prepares youths with tools for sustainable agriculture
FROM LEFT: Dr Ronald Roopnarine, Dr Gaius Eudoxie, and Dr Oral Daley
Press Release
February 9, 2024
FAO’s workshop prepares youths with tools for sustainable agriculture

A dynamic four-day workshop on the introduction to Climate-Smart Dry Land Farming Agricultural Practices for Youth Groups in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) concluded at the Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown in late January.

A release from the Ministry of Agriculture states that the collaborative initiative between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture aimed to equip young farmers with the knowledge and skills needed for sustainable agriculture.

Dr Gaius Eudoxie, Dr Ronald Roopnarine, and Dr Oral Daley led the sessions, bringing their expertise to the forefront to inspire and educate over 100 participants.

This immersive training delved into the realm of climate-resilient farming on dry lands, equipping attendees with vital skills in disaster risk management and sustainable agricultural practices.

Interactive sessions and group activities fostered lively discussions, enabling participants to identify key climate-smart farming techniques tailored to dry land environments. From innovative water conservation methods to strategic crop selection, the training explored a spectrum of cutting-edge practices and technologies.

The insights gained not only enriched the participants’ understanding but also served as a foundation for future field-level training and the development of robust climate-smart farming models.