Country Music  Karaoke Idol Awards this weekend
Press Release
December 22, 2023
Country Music Karaoke Idol Awards this weekend

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Classic Country Music Club will host a country Music Karaoke Awards show tomorrow, Saturday, December 23 at the Peace Memorial Hall at 7:00 pm.

Twelve nominees from throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines will vie for six awards. They are Fitzroy Andrews of Mesopotamia, Kenley Baptiste of Ottley Hall, Kenroy Guy of Glen, Channel John of Glen, Micheal Warren of Richmond Hill, Lynton Samuel of Redemption Sharps, Micheal Edwards of Sandy Bay, Rockwell Kydd of Ottley Hall, Joann Haynes of Edinboro, Maranese Moses of Vermont, Kirk Knights Mesopotamia and Donnette Davis.

The nominees were chosen for a field of 30 singers.

The awards up for grabs are Best Vocal, Best Attire, Best Stage Presence, Most Congenial, People’s Choice and Consolation. The nominee that captures the most awards will gain the coveted title of Country Karaoke Idol 2023.

The winner will be presented with the Golden Mic, the highest award that the Club has to offer. There is also a $1000 cash prize to be shared among the winners.