Vinsave focuses on creation in its Summer programme
Press Release
July 18, 2023
Vinsave focuses on creation in its Summer programme

The St Vincent Save the Children Fund (Vinsave) has a creation focus for its annual summer programme which began yesterday, Monday, July 17.

“All things bright and beautiful- the Lord God made them all,” is the theme of the six week programme which runs until August, 25.

A release from Vinsave states that the theme was chosen as a means of helping children to appreciate the beauty of nature and its Creator and the importance of taking care of God’s earth.

The children will be engaged in different activities using the theme and will look at: Creation Story- our ancestors, animals, plants, rivers and streams. What we do as a people- our values, arts and crafts, dance, dongs and rhymes, nutrition, among other topics.

A particular feature this year is the involvement of parents/guardians, who will share some of their time, skills and talents with the children in a relaxing and healthy atmosphere, the release further states.

The programme will end with a concert and exhibition of work done.