Forty-six cellphones among contraband found during search of prison
Superintendent of Prisons (Ag) Dwayne Bailey (right) and some of the contraband discovered at the Belle Isle Correctional Facility on April 21, 2023
Press Release
April 24, 2023

Forty-six cellphones among contraband found during search of prison

Forty-six cell phones were among contraband items discovered last Friday at His Majesty’s Prisons, Belle Isle Correctional Facility, during a “targeted search of the facility based on intelligence”.

The other items found during the April 21 search include 28 cell phone chargers, 23 cell phone batteries, 14 headphones, four ear pads, one power pack, 14 pairs of scissors, six diggers (instruments used to inflict injuries during fights), one hacksaw blade, and a quantity of marijuana, high leaf and cigarettes, a release from His Majesty’s Prisons (HMP) said.

Acting Superintendent of Prisons Dwayne Bailey said the searches were undertaken by the prison authority “to safeguard the safety of inmates, employees and visitors,” and is part of HMP’s “continued effort to address the issue of contraband in the prison system”.

Bailey told SEARCHLIGHT that so far for the year, over 120 cell phones have been  recovered by HMP, both at Belle Isle and in Kingstown. This is more than one cell phone for every day of the year, so far.

“As I noted in the prison report, contraband is still finding its way into the prison from over the wall in Kingstown and over the fence in Belle Isles.”

The prison boss said contraband also finds its way into the prison by other means, including with the assistance of friends and family members.

“I really wish family members and friends would desist from assisting in getting those things into the prison,” Bailey said.

He added that it is also possible that some contraband is smuggled into the facilities by prison officers, but said those prison officers are in the minority.

“It’s entirely possible, but we have taken steps to prevent it and most officers by far are overwhelming good, decent officers, while there may be few who are involved in that practice.

“As in any organisation there a few bad apples but the majority of prison officers are good, hardworking decent officers who work under challenging conditions.”


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