Vincentian man in Royal Navy accused of raping male colleague
Press Release
October 21, 2022
Vincentian man in Royal Navy accused of raping male colleague

A Royal Navy Sailor told a court in the United Kingdom that he fell asleep after a barbecue and woke up to find out he was being raped by one of his colleagues at a naval base.

However, his alleged rapist, a Vincentian told the court that the sex was consensual.

It is alleged that the Royal Navy sailor fell asleep after video calling a woman at the end of a barbecue and woke up to an ‘excruciating pain’ as Able Seaman Troy Glasgow, a 31 year old from St.Vincent and the Grenadines allegedly raped him in an accommodation block at a naval base.

When the sailor realized what was happening, the court heard that the alleged victim fell into a ‘pure rage,’ launching two bottles of vodka at Glasgow and throwing a fire extinguisher and furniture around the accommodation.

He then pulled out a knife from his multi tool and said he was ‘going to kill’ Glasgow the court heard.

The sailor who was restrained by crew mates before he began hitting his head against a wall told the court “I started head butting the wall as hard as I could because I wanted to get the vision out of my head.”

After, he jumped off a nearby jetty into the sea noting that ‘I felt dirty and horrible so I jumped off the jetty.’

Bulford Military Court, Wiltshire, UK heard that the accused and his colleague had earlier been drinking beer at a Navy barbecue while stationed abroad. The pair lived in the same accommodation block, and walked home together after last orders at around 10:30 p.m.

It is also alleged that the victim invited the accused, who is an engineering technician back to his room so that they could continue drinking.

After drinking vodka and listening to music, the court heard the sailor had a video call with a woman who he was getting to know while Glasgow was still in the room.

Later, while the man was still on the phone, the court heard that Glasgow fell asleep on the bed.

After falling asleep himself, the sailor, who is heterosexual, woke up in the early hours of the morning by an ‘excruciating pain.’

It was also understood that Glasgow told the sailor “don’t be like that, you were cuddling me in your sleep, I thought it was ok.”

He was interviewed by military police and claimed he and his alleged victim had consensual sex with both men penetrating each other. He is now based at the HMS Nelson shore base in Portsmouth, Hampshire, where he denied the one count of rape. The trial is expected to continue (Daily Mail).