Aid from Venezuela arrives in Cuba
Landslide in Las Tejeiras
Press Release
October 11, 2022
Aid from Venezuela arrives in Cuba

THE HURRICANE-battered and economic- blockaded Caribbean country of Cuba has received welcome assistance from one of its closest allies. Last week a ship from Venezuela arrived in the Cuban port of Mariel, some 45 kilometres west of the capital Havana.

The ship contained some 400,000 bags of relief supplies especially food, electrical supplies and roofing materials to assist the Cubans badly affected by the passage of hurricane Ian.

Meanwhile the SVG/Cuba Friendship Society is this week expected to meet with Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss how SVG can organize a national mobilization of assistance for the Cuban people. In addition to Cubans themselves, Vincentian students in Cuba have been affected by the further hardships and shortages caused by hurricane Ian.

A spokesman for the Society has also expressed solidarity with the people of Venezuela and condolences to the 22 dead and 52 persons who disappeared after a massive landslide in the town of Las Tejeiras over the weekend.