Vincentian teacher publishes an anthology of poems
Zenna Lewis has launched her first book of poetry
Press Release
September 26, 2022
Vincentian teacher publishes an anthology of poems

Award winning Vincentian poet Zenna Lewis launches her first book of poetry Titled “Black Girl Soliloquy: An Anthology of poems by her, for her, about her”.

Lewis states that her book is an empowering collection of poetry that depicts an intimate journey of finding one’s voice .

The book was inspired by Lewis’s journey as a young black woman and highlights the many issues women face such as sexual harassment, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, inequality and self esteem issues.

Author Zenna Lewis

The themes that run through the book are empowerment ,inequality, self love ,self reflection, colourism, sexism and self reflection.

The book is the first of a three-part book series based on women empowerment and issues affecting women.

Lewis hopes that her book would change lives and shed light on these serious issues affecting women and young girls worldwide.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.