Miss SVG contestant Shadyn McLean pushes for greater digital presence of businesses
Shadyn McLean (right) at Jo's Bar and Grill
Press Release
September 24, 2022
Miss SVG contestant Shadyn McLean pushes for greater digital presence of businesses

Shadyn McLean, who is sponsored by DAVYN in this year’s Miss SVG pageant, intends to catapult businesses from her community of South Windward into the digital realm for her community project, which focuses on Entrepreneurship Development.

At the heart of the project is “Vincy BizHub – BUY South Windward”. Vincy BizHub is a platform that provides South Windward-based businesses with business development and promotional guidance, as well as allows consumers to access these businesses in a single convenient hub.

Shadyn McLean at Blue Coconut

At present the platform is host to over 50 businesses in the community, that cover a range of industries, including retail, construction, automotive, trucking, food, manufacturing, fashion, film, education and more.

Vincy BizHub allows consumers to access business profiles, locations, “meet the entrepreneurs” videos, interviews etc, and can be accessed by visiting www.vincybizhub.com.

Given the continued global thrust towards the inclusion of technology into our everyday lives, McLean believes entrepreneurs who incorporate an online presence into their operations position themselves more competitively to answer to the growing needs of consumers, whose habits reflect a shift to seeking more and more services and products online.

Shadyn McLean at Super Dupes Barbershop

“Vincy BizHub – BUY South Windward brings my community to all of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, by allowing everyone a gateway to support our entrepreneurs. One of the most effective ways of empowering others is through economic empowerment and I am happy that my team, with the tremendous support of my sponsor DAVYN, and the support of the project sponsor, GECCU, allowed me the opportunity to contribute to my community of Argyle and the surrounding areas in this way. Technology is the way forward, and Vincy BizHub is a forward-thinking and sustainable approach that contributes towards entrepreneurship development St. Vincent and the Grenadines”, said McLean.

Miss DAVYN kicked off her activities today, September 24, 2022 with the launch of the Vincy BizHub website and the distribution of business cards to entrepreneurs, which includes a QR code that can be scanned from anyone’s smartphone which takes them directly to the VIncy BizHub website.

Shadyn McLean at Abbey’s Tiki Bar

Her agenda also includes the showing of “From Concept To Completion”, an insight into the execution of her idea, a visit to the Adelphi Secondary School accompanied by two Vincy BizHub entrepreneurs, a networking event and more.

To follow Shadyn’s community project and learn more about Vincy BizHub, register your business, as well as be introduced to the over 50 entrepreneurs of South Windward, follow Vincy BizHub on Facebook and Instagram pages – @VincyBizHub. Vincy y BizHub can be contacted  via 784-533-9536 and vincybizhub@gmail.com.