Statement on the Communication History between the Argyle International Airport and the Public Service Union
The Argyle International Airport
Press Release
August 13, 2022
Statement on the Communication History between the Argyle International Airport and the Public Service Union

Argyle Gardens, August 11, 2022. The Argyle International Airport Inc. wishes to assure the  travelling public and all its stakeholders that it is in active discussions with the St. Vincent and the  Grenadines Public Service Union (PSU). These discussions commenced in early 2020 when the  Argyle International Airport (AIA) Inc.’s Chairman invited executive officers of the PSU to an  inaugural meeting. At this meeting, the Board and Management made a pledge to the union  executive officers to foster a good working relationship between both parties.

In the last quarter of 2020, the Union submitted a memorandum of understanding which was  intended to be the precursor to an eventual collective agreement with the AIA. Internal discussions  of, and revisions to, this document then immediately commenced. However, these were  unfortunately curtailed given the COVID-19 pandemic which severely impacted operations at the  AIA with international aircraft landings brought to a virtual halt. Despite the impact on prevailing  revenue streams, the PSU was informed that a decision was taken that there would be no  retrenchment of employees. The PSU expressed their appreciation and noted the adverse impact  on revenue generation at the AIA.

The PSU was also assured of the continuation of the collective agreement review process, which  had been further hampered as a result of the event of the La Soufriere volcanic eruptions and the  associated impact at the AIA. These circumstances were again communicated to the PSU asking  that full discussion of same be rescheduled to the second half of 2021. Internal unforeseen  administrative disruptions occurred in the latter part of 2021 and so as to maintain the review  process, an industrial relations consultant was engaged.

Healthy cordial relations continued throughout 2021 and 2022, with several correspondence  between the Union and the AIA on employee related matters. During the period January to July,  2022, open communication was maintained with the AIA giving frequent written updates on the  status of the collective agreement review. More particularly, on 6th July, 2022, a letter dated 30th June, 2022 was received from the Union outlining certain issues. A response to the said letter dated  12th July, 2022 was sent to the PSU indicating that the issues highlighted in the letter of 30th June,  2022 touched and concerned matters outlined in the collective agreement and could be discussed  during those negotiations. The AIA’s said letter of 12th July, 2022 also detailed timelines for  negotiating the agreement, with the final draft of the collective agreement from the AIA to be

forwarded to the PSU by 18th August, 2022.

Subsequent thereto on 15th July, 2022 a meeting was convened at the request of the PSU on an  employee related matter. At the conclusion of those discussions, the PSU raised issues which the  AIA had previously indicated would be addressed in the collective agreement negotiations; there  and then, for the first time, despite months of communication, the PSU verbally indicated that a  new draft collective agreement would be submitted to the AIA by 18th July, 2022, which was so  received. The review process of this new draft agreement commenced immediately.

By way of letter dated 28th July, 2022, the PSU was again reminded to provide an itemised list of  issues as per the components of employment with which they expressed concern. The AIA again  met with the PSU on 2nd August, 2022 at which time the PSU was again reminded to formally  respond to the AIA’s request of 28th July, 2022. The PSU undertook to respond by 3rd August,  2022. The response to same was only received at the end of the day’s business on Friday 5th August,  2022 informally, by way of unsigned document without letterhead, much outside of the general  style of communication of the PSU. Investigations into the allegations have accordingly  commenced.

The AIA, despite having to review the new collective agreement in short order, has managed to  maintain to as close as possible, the original date to meet with the PSU, which is tentatively slated  for the end of August, 2022.

Despite unfortunate premature comments, the AIA intends to continue the process in good faith  and trusts that this be allowed to come to fruition in the interest of all concerned.