Participants visiting the relics of one of the Bungalows
Press Release
August 12, 2022
36 children introduced to history and built heritage

Thirty-six children from the Edinboro and Ottley Hall community were given the opportunity to learn about the social history and built heritage of their community from July 25 to August 3, 2022.

This was in the form of a Summer Programme which was held under the theme Loving and Caring for Our Community.

The participants were engaged in information gathering on such aspects of the community’s history like King Ja Ja, the Bungalows, Fort Charlotte, and unique community names such as Monte Bello Estate,Cox Heath and Ross Castle.

Participants were guided by facilitators in the construction of their family trees as well as to become engaged the recycling of everyday trash.

Table mats, baskets, toys and candle stands are some of the items which were produced.

The Summer Programme was organised by members of the Edinboro / Ottley Hall community group. The Summer Programme was convened at the Pan yard in Edinboro. (API)