Brewery launches ‘Beer Crawl’ to support customers, build camaraderie among staff
Press Release
August 3, 2022
Brewery launches ‘Beer Crawl’ to support customers, build camaraderie among staff

The St Vincent Brewery Ltd has launched an initiative to support their customers and build greater camaraderie among Brewery staff, with an initiative called the “Beer Crawl”.


The St Vincent Brewery Ltd Beer Crawl concept encompasses a team of Brewery staff, making stops at various establishments that are Brewery customers.

During the Beer Crawl, the St Vincent Brewery Ltd treats patrons to complimentary Brewery products, as well as covers amenities and transportation for the Brewery team. Brewery products, both beers and soft drinks, will be purchased for patrons at each venue to support the vendors.

For the Brewery, this initiative brings together three vital pillars – the Customer, the Consumer and the Company. It allows for greater team-building among Brewery employees, an opportunity to interact with the Vincentian public and to fuel sales for establishments that continue to be loyal Brewery customers.

The Beer Crawl, occurs every end of month and will be moving around the country from Richmond on the Leeward coast, to Owia on the Windward coast and in the Mesopotamia Valley.

It was launched in May 2022 and has already visited a number of bars and vendors in the Kingstown area, South Leeward and West St. George area, including No. 30 and No. 31 shops in Little Tokyo, Tree Bar, Bebe’s Chillspot, Snadecia & Lashum bars.

According to Ryan John, Commercial Planning and Performance Manager of the St Vincent Brewery Ltd, “We try to keep it when the most people are out liming and it could be an icebox or up in the mountains, wherever our customers are, that’s where we want to go”.

According to the owner of Lashum Bar, Campden Park, Mr Colville Williams, it was for him, “a great experience, so good for business, a good venture and I hope they continue it”.

The Beer Crawl visits three vendors per night, so patrons are encouraged to look out for Brewery staff in their Beer Crawl T-shirts in their communities.

One of the highlights of the Beer Crawl thus far has been the presence of Arielle Ollivierre, Miss St Vincent Brewery Ltd, accompanying the staff.

The Brewery would like to encourage responsible drinking.