Bequia Dynamic Investors (BDI) with mango and tamarind sauce and syrup products
Press Release
July 1, 2022
Food technologists helping youth on Bequia in agri-business development

The Bequia Dynamic Investors (BDI) youth in agriculture group advanced their income and employment venture one step further with a product development working session on Saturday, June 25. A release from the Ministry of Agriculture said the group benefited from the training and advice offered by two food technologists from the Ministry of Agriculture in developing their mango and tamarind sauces and syrups. The group will conduct product sampling among target customers and further tweak their recipes in the coming weeks. Two young persons from sister youth-in-agriculture organisations (Innovative Youth Agribusiness Multipurpose Cooperative (IYAMCO), and Infusion .co), also participated in the session.

This product development working session will be repeated with four other groups that are currently benefiting from the Youth Agri-entrepreneurship for Rural Development project. This project is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and National Mobilisation (Youth Affairs Department), and funded by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. It aims to bolster the production and competitiveness of young agri-entrepreneurs by improving
access to lands, facilities, equipment, skill development and seed capital.

Beneficiary groups have so far received training in value chain analysis and business planning from international consultants and have all advanced work on their business models. During the month of June, IYAMCO and the Youth Agribusiness Multipurpose Cooperative (YAMCO) have also made progress in re-establishing/establishing their farm plots.

The next round of training by project consultants will focus on financial planning, marketing, and branding. In addition, work will also be advanced on the development of a marketing App in the coming months.